Kominetz LLC

Kominetz LLC is not seeking new work at this time.

Kominetz LLC is the commercial avatar of John Kominetz, a software engineer and sometime-blogger. Please visit his LinkedIn profile to get an idea of his software work experience. Writing samples abound on his blog.

Kominetz LLC might be enticed to be available part-time for incredibly interesting work involving science, software technology, computer gaming, chocolate, or running away to live/work in London. Or maybe Edinburgh.

About the LLC:

Kominetz LLC is basically just me. I’ve spent most of my freelance career working as a W-2 contract employee for large corporate clients, using pass-throughs and agencies to take care of administrative activities like billing and taxes. That was fine for single-client contracts lasting months or years at a time, but it meant turning away opportunities that didn’t fit that model or didn’t surface while I happened to be looking or Between.

Going freelance back in 1999 was about more than just the deluge of contracting money falling from the sky before the dot com bubble burst; there was interesting work happening in interesting places. At the time I was working for a consulting firm that was bench-time averse and over-eager on the sell. It wasn’t getting me onto those kinds of projects in those kinds of places. You go where they want you to go, and you do what they want you to do, and you do it with a sbustantial difference between your bill and pay rates. That wasn’t for me.

Estimating taxes and being an entity weren’t for me either, so I took advice like  The Contract Employee’s Handbook to heart and struck out on my own-ish, sort of. I spent the majority of the next fifteen years working with Brilliant Leap, the agency that had recruited me for that consulting firm in the first place. Freelancing allowed me to live and work in places like San Francisco and New York City without having to tear up my life in Philadelphia. It allowed me to enjoy my time “Between”.  All in all, those were some good, well-engineered years.

As I wrapped up a contract in early 2015, my mind turned to some of those opportunities that didn’t fit neatly into my usual pattern. The world had changed since 1999; remote teams and freelancing marketplaces are commonplace. The idea of managing a few small projects or part-time commitments seemed possible, profitable, and perhaps less stressful that my usual kind of gig. It was time to visit that world and maybe make an honest man of myself, or at least an official small-business entity, in the process. So here I am.


John Kominetz, Principal
Kominetz LLC