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Pretty Hate (Java Virtual) Machine

The Terrible Lie of Java has been “Write once, run anywhere”. It was a Sin of omission because it’s really “Write once, run anywhere, install repeatedly”. Platform independence requires lots of disk and downloading.

Now Oracle only considers “their” versions Sanctified and JRE/JVM versions before “their” 1.7 are Something I Can Never Have if I’m not willing to create an Oracle account and register like some kind of byte code hex offender. You really should put something on my Ringfinger before me asking such intimate questions to just download something already on millions of computers.

I had to multi-purpose my gaming rig to run SQL Server for a project, and that also includes working on a Java client running on 1.6. So now I’m Down In It, managing multiple JREs and JVMs on a box meant to remain simple and single-focused. Maybe it’s time to buy a new game rig or a dedicated work machine. The work machine wouldn’t have to be heavy-duty, and the current gaming rig really isn’t that old, but Kinda I Want To buy the latest, hottest box I can. Hottest, literally. My gaming rigs double as space heaters in winter.

Now that I’ve crossed that line, I’m getting hate boxes and nastygram pop-ups from Windows, Internet Explorer–AND NOW EVEN ORACLE! That’s What I Get for doing my job. I clicked all the ignore boxes I could, but I have a feeling this won’t be The Only Time I have to do it.

Why must managing multiple JREs/JVMs feel like having a nine inch nail hammered into your Head Like A Hole? At least it gives me an idea for a song or two.

Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia


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