iPhone OS loses beta feel with 2.1 update – Ars Technica

First look: iPhone OS loses beta feel with 2.1 update – Ars Technica

While disappointed doesn’t cover how I feel about no iTablet, I agree with Ars Technica: iPhone OS 2.1 feels like the real thing. It’s featureful, polished, and fast.

Even the very beta iPhone OS 1.0 was a revolutionary leap forward with its key interface elements: Multi-touch, motion sensors, and look-and-feel. I can’t emphasize the last item enough. Apple figured out how to make a powerful, intuitive interface fit the form factor, something other phone manufacturers couldn’t do in a decade. The small interface tweaks in 2.1 demonstrate how to pack information in a tiny space without feeling cramped.

I’m even tempted by the new Touch (another tick in the anti-iPhone column) with key features like a volume rocker, wired remote control capability, microphone, and internal speaker. (As D. said, “iTouch Skype, anyone?”) It’s not quite an iTablet, but it has enough new features to tempt me to pick up a 32MB unit. AND I can do it on the online store, something I still can’t do with an iPhone!

Anybody want to buy my old iPod Touch?

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