Android Market versus Apple App Store

My current carrier, T-Mobile, may have the first android phone as soon as next month. I doubt it will be an interface slam-dunk like the iPhone, but news of its app store, Android Market, and the full keyboard are enough to make me wait and see.

The Ars Technica article below compares/contrasts Google’s plan with Apple’s existing store. Is Google finding a better middle ground between control and freedom than Apple? Maybe next month we’ll know.

Google’s Android Market: cathedral or bazaar?

One thought on “Android Market versus Apple App Store”

  1. Hm, must be something in the air.

    Just past week, as I was on “staycation” I spent a little time on iPhone Dev Kit (Xcode, Mac-only of course, using video tutorials, with things not working as expected in those videos, iMac upstairs) and with Android Dev Kit (Eclipse, Windows Vista, video and text tutorials, things kinda working, PC downstairs).

    Too early to tell which platform will win my sympathies, but the chair in the office downstairs is much more comfortable! 🙂

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