Another Conference I Won’t Attend

EMC World is in Las Vegas this year, and once again I won’t be going.  When will this conference come to the Northeast?  I’ve been on a plane three times in the last eight years, and I’d be perfectly happy if I never got on a plane–or set shoeless foot in an airport–again.  The whole process is wasteful, annoying, and unhealthy.

Speaking of conferences, I haven’t seen any email about FCG’s annual event.  If anything, it was a great way to reconnect with other old-timers.  I’ll have to poke F. and see what’s going on.  (Assuming he reads the blog, he should consider himself officially poked.)

Speaking of poking, this month is the 14th anniversary of my first job with Documentum.  Time to send out an email and see if the old team is available for a commemorative lunch, especially since I may be out of the Philly area for a while.

I have mixed feelings about leaving home because I’ve really gotten reconnected in my downtime, but the area’s depressed and the opportunity has benefits to compensate for the location.   Details to follow after we put ink to paper.  Last chance for any Center City Philadelphia company to snap me up.  Too bad nobody down here actually uses Documentum.

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