Ruby on Rails — Get Excited!

I had no idea Ruby on Rails was so cool. The language looks a little odd, but it’s decipherable. It’s the templating and rapid development that really caught my eye in the “15 minute blog” demo. If you don’t know RoR, watch it and try to tell me you don’t get a little excited.

I’d been thinking of using my Resume-o-matic as an excuse to play with Hibernate–and Spring to a lesser extent–but it looks like a capital-P Project to get started. If RoR’s got applicable templates, I could do a little diagramming and fast prototype it from there. Mmm, tasty.

Of course I’m already excited about (or at least interested in) a bunch of other things like Google Sites and Groovy and Python 2.5; they all popped up on my radar last week. It’s technological feast or famine as usual.

2 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails — Get Excited!”

  1. If you like Rails and were planning to try Hibernate, Spring and Groovy then you should think about downloading Grails. It’s inspired by Rails but does things in a very Groovy way. It’s built on top of Spring and Hibernate and allows you can use all of the Java stuff that you’re already comfortable with. This isn’t to put down Rails – it’s a great web framework.

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