My MacWorld Wish List

  1. A subnotebook, tablet, or uberNewton. Let it be more like a giant iPhone or iPod Touch than some of the horrors circulating around the internet [Yuck 1, Yuck 2]
  2. A Less Buggy iTunes. This latest version is stuttering and crashing with PC-like frequency; it seems especially bothered by video. Smart Playlists have been broken for months with some conditionals not working and the match AND/OR bug. The lack of attention to easy fixes for so long lends some credence to a revamped iTunes to handle rentals. Ho hum.
  3. A wired remote accessory for my iPod Touch. The one big flaw of having to look at it to control it is so annoying when I’m roaming.
  4. A non-AT&T 3G iPhone. I could be tempted away from my Blackberry, but this is more of a “peace on Earth” wish for everybody, not just me.
  5. A real surprise. The sheer mania Steve’s keynote brings won’t be complete without something that completely blindsides the pundits. I want for them what the pollsters and media got served in New Hampshire.

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