Macbook Air (and other things) Announced

TUAW reports the Keynote is done. Steve announces the Macbook Air, world’s thinnest laptop, with pictures and movies now on The ad has one slipping out of a manila folder. Drool drool drool. It sure is thin and pert-ty.

TUAW was right about no ethernet port; it’s really banking on 802.11N and networked devices like Time Capsule and other computers. Only four ports–USB2, micro-DVI, MagSafe Power, and a headphone jack–and three are in a somewhat fragile looking flip-thingie. 80GB regular hard drive or 64GB solid state. Large multi-touch trackpad with some interesting new gestures. One in particular allows paging through things (swiping), something I got used to doing on my Touch and sometimes erroneously try to do on my Macbook with the mouse and cover flow. Five hour battery life. Starting at $1799. Alas the Apple Store itself is unavailable so it’s hard to get a feel for the range of options and prices. I’m glad the store’s down…I feel woozy. Do we finally have a full-featured subnotebook?

The other announcements were mostly ho-hum, although the Touch is finally getting the full suite of iPhone apps (tiny Yay). Movie rentals might be better than expected with HD and improved AppleTV functionality. It wasn’t clear if it’ll also get the user-configurable homes that iPhone’s getting end of February. TUAW didn’t mention anything about 3G for the iPhone–not good.

Time to humanize, grocery shop, and try not to obsess over the Air. I really hope to come home and find a new iTunes waiting to be downloaded that’s less buggy.

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