No Joy in Geekville Tonight

Three things vex me tonight:

The WordPress visual editor still doesn’t work right in Safari. I reported the bug over a month ago; somebody just posted a hack-around. Maybe the applet isn’t theirs. I suppose I should track down the actual owner and follow up there. Bleh once.

Bluehost doesn’t support MediaWiki, neither directly nor through Fantastico. The two wikis they do offer just don’t compare. I should bite the bullet, manually install and maintain MediaWiki. WordPress upgrades with Fantastico have been so effortless; I’m feeling a little too spoiled to do that right now. Bleh twice.

I haven’t found a suitable plug-in for versioning WordPress posts yet. The two I found didn’t look encouraging. I know from my day job just how dangerous versioning done wrong can be, so this isn’t something I’d try on my live sites. My options (clone and test, roll my own plug-in, hack up a publish-to-Wordpress from something like subversion or alfresco) all sound like work as well as potentially wonderful learning experiences. More time hacking, less time blogging. Bleh thrice.

So in keeping with my goal of blogging more, I decided to complain about all three rather than actually do anything about them. Maybe some kind reader will motivate me with an inspiring comment or silver-platter me with effortless solutions. Maybe. “Kindness of strangers” and all that.

For now, productively unproductive. I sense perl mongers drinking beer nearby…

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