My BlackBerry Knows Where I Am

I’m in NYC to see people and catch Suzanne Vega later tonight. And my BlackBerry knows it thanks to “My Location” on Google Maps.

No big deal in a GPS world, right? I don’t have GPS though. Google’s doing some kind of rough triangulation based on cell phone towers which so far has been much more accurate than the 1.7 km disclaimer. Urbanites faring better is no surprise given the density of towers here and in Philly. Not sure what extras Google has in store, but it’s free and it’s geeky-cool and gives me Google Maps (and traffic and search) with less Suretyping–and that’s a Good Thing.

I looked at GPS units for road trips during my time between but they’re still bulky and/or expensive. Will “My Location” be enough? The price sure is right. Especially since I still haven’t taken one road trip into unknown territory in my two months off.

Android starting to make more sense to you last few Luddites out there? Google gets phones. They are making me get phones, and I HATE phones. More precisely, I get all my Google stuff on my phone, my Touch, my boxes, and even at kiosks with a well-scaled experience.

My iPhoned friends should particularly rejoice given the obvious synergy between this feature and their interface. First time since my Touch shacked up with my BlackBerry that it’s been jealous of its older brother.

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